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Android app upgraded

Our instant messaging app for Android phones has just been upgraded to provide a simpler activation process. For an employee to get instant notifications of job offers with simple swipe right to accept and swipe left decline. All that is now required is for the employee to down load the app from the app store using the link above their mobile number on their profile page and then point the app at the profile page and click register. and for the Android phone app


Contact ava on 01491 845 400 to know more

Instant messaging apps are available for iPhone and Android

Instant messaging apps are available for Android and iPhone.

These low cost apps allow direct messaging to workers aka employees or staff (for banks) of any job offers.

They allow a single button response to instantly accept or decline any offer.

The app then updates the web database and following a compliance check will book the first responder(s) for the appropriate vacancy or vacancies. It will also put an alarm and meeting in their phone calendar as reminders for the job and give a more detailed description of the job and any joining details sent.

As with any booking on the system, the customer is also automatically notified of the fill by a custom fully automatic email containing any desired employee, customer or booking details.


Android phone instant staff messaging

Android phone low cost SMS Text app for Aaaws


iPhone and tablet instant staff messaging

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